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Wizkids Edu-Care opened its doors
in 2009 with only one student

Wizkids Edu-Care opened its doors in 2009 with only one student, Mugau Sehlapelo, who will always be special to us: he gave us the opportunity to make a real difference in his early childhood development. In just that year, our school grew to 34 learners from ages 2-6, and in just three years, we had to find larger premises because of the number of children we had taken in. We expanded our grounds to accommodate more children, and brought in an excellent group of experienced teachers. Wizkids Edu-Care is very much a family environment, where children can play and feel safe.

At Wizkids Edu-Care, our
curriculum is excellent


  • Development of fine and gross motor skills – with our broad range of activities that focus on fun and learning, as well as swimming lessons on our premises.

  • English medium – our aim is to give every child a competitive advantage in their school environments later in life. All subjects are done in English.

  • Individual attention – because we have several excellent educators, we are able to offer every child the personal attention they deserve, because this allows them to progress at their own pace.

  • Informed parents – we have parent-teacher consultation meetings every term where we discuss your child’s progress and development. We do reports for every learner every term and at the end of every year.
  • Younger learners – for our 2 year old children, we do potty training to get them independent early on.
  • After-School Care Centre – we help children from Grade 1 to 3 with their homework and projects.


Our curriculum is very comprehensive. It has been developed to offer every child the opportunity to identify and demonstrate their talents, and develop them further for their advanced schooling later in life. We use the Preschool Themes Manual Series as the basis of our teaching programmes. We don’t close during school holidays. The subjects we offer include:


and skills

Reading Skills

Arts & Culture

Life Skills

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2022 FEES


Registration fee = R500
Deposit = R2000
Learning material fee for Grade RRRR (2yrs) = R650
Learning material fee for Grade RRR-R(3-6yrs = R800
Monthly fee for Nursery = R2123
Monthly fee for Grade RRRR = R2002
Monthly fee for Grade RRR-R = R1859


Registration fee = R500
Deposit = R2000
Textbooks Grade 1-3 = R1200
Textbooks Grade 4 = R1100
Monthly fee = R2240

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